Individual and Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy aims at identifying problematic patterns of relating and explores in depth their origins and dynamics. This exploratory process enables development of insights leading to new ways of relating, both in your personal and professional life. It is the complexity of the mind, with its entrenched patterns, which determines that this form of treatment is typically a fairly lengthy process.  

Individual therapy varies in intensity and duration with the frequency of sessions per week ranging from once to twice weekly, to a more in-depth experience of three to four times a week.  The length and frequency of treatment is always considered on an individual basis. Both, long and short-term counselling/psychotherapy can be offered depending on the nature of your difficulties, your specific circumstances and requirements. Multiple factors are taken into consideration in determining the duration and intensity of treatment that is best for you.  

Couples Therapy

It is not uncommon for a relationship to reach a point in which individually or as a couple you might experience difficulties. If such problems do not resolve themselves over time they may escalate into resentments, hostility and withdrawal from contact.  Marriage counselling might be of help when your relationship reaches a point where difficulties communicating lead to a cycle of misunderstandings and recriminations.  

Couples therapy does not aim at preserving the relationship at all cost, but instead offers space in which to help you think about your difficulties and assist you in making decisions that offer a more fulfilling life. Relationship counselling could also offer spaces to consider whether either partner might benefit from additional individual psychotherapy.